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  • Salam Maulidur Rasul dari Pengarah dan Seluruh Warga Pusat Komputer
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  • MISSION : To Provide a complete and the latest ICT facility infrastructure which is ready for use and fully functional to drive teaching and learning as well as research and management
  • Selamat Tahun Baru dari Pengarah dan Seluruh Warga Kerja Pusat Komputer

We're here to help

 administrator  Administrative Systems
 The needs for better and efficient management. Often we are unware of these facilities. 

 Academic Systems
 Academic Systems is among the main reason we are here. UUMIT committed to ensure the process goes  smoothly.


 Network & Connectivity
 We provide the infrastructure for you to keep in touch. It is how you'ii optimized it.

storage  Storage & Backups
 Need storage? Need service for copies of your data? Learn more what we can do for you. 
email  Email & Calendaring
 Your needs on how to collaborate we are here ready to help & assist you
mobile  Mobile
 On making your smart devices smarter.
software  Software & Hardware
 Your need to meet the daily task regardless of who you are. We take pride in helping you.
web  Web & Publishing
 To facilitate the transmission and dissemination of information to your customers.
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