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What do we provide?

  1. Website domain and hosting for UUM's Department
  2. Website consultation for webmaster

How to apply for your PTJ's website?

  1. Fill in the official form (Click here to download )
  2. Send the complete form to UUMIT

What will happened after the form is accepted by website team?

  1. We will analyze the application form. Go through details and if needed we'll call the respective contact person as stated in the form (preferably the webmaster).
  2. We will then create a development site.
  3. We will notify the webmaster as soon as the development site is ready.
  4. The webmaster will then configure and manage the site's content. We will provide trainings or consultation if needed.
  5. The webmaster have to notify us when all the relevent process (configuration and content development) is done.
  6. The website is now ready for the next stage. 

Now, your website is ready to be publish. But...

  1. After we recieve an email stated that your site is ready, we'll then send your site for a security scanning. Normally this process will take not more than 1 working day.
  2. If all criteria are met, then we will sent an instruction for your site to be publish. The webmaster will be notified once the site is published.
  3. If there are problems (eg: malicious code etc) the webmaster will be notified. Website team will consult the webmaster on how to overcome the situation. The site is sent for rescanning process. This process will be repeated untill the site is conform to the security standard. Once conform the site will be published.

 Your site is published, so what's next?

  1. The webmaster is responsible for the website content to be updated frequently. 
  2. The webmaster will use the development site to make changes/update to the website.
  3. The webmaster will notify the Web team once the update process is done.
  4. The Web team will give an instruction to update the 'LIVE' site. 



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