Is a web-based file storage system available to academic staff which allows users to upload, store, access, retrieve, and share files via the Internet using only a web browser.

The web-base file storage called myBox can be accessed via

How to Login…

  1. Open your Internet browser available in your Windows desktop
  2. Enter the URL:
  3. Input the blank field (Fig. 1):[Remember: Username and password are the same as  UUM EMAIL USER ID]
  • Username : [same as your UUM email USER ID]
  • Password : [same as your UUM email password]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I add a new file to my account? 
You can add a new file to your account by clicking the Upload button.

Basic Upload
1.Navigate to the folder to which you wish to upload files.
2.Click the Upload button.
3.If in advanced mode, click on the Basic Upload link.
4.Browse to the file you wish to upload.
5.If you wish to upload more files, click Add Files and Browse to the file. Repeat this step for as many files as you wish to upload.
6.Click Start Upload.

Advanced Upload
1.Navigate to the folder to which you wish to upload files.
2.Click the Upload button.
3.If in basic mode, click on the Advanced Upload link.
4.You may either drag and drop files and folders onto the drag-n-drop area or you may click Add Files and select files from your local machine.
5.Click Start Upload.
6.Should the upload stop or receive an error, click Done to exit the upload page.

How do I edit a file that's already in my account? 
If you are using the myBox interface and the file is an Office or text file, you should be able to open the file by clicking on the file's name, edit it, and save. However, if you are not using the myBox interface with the myBox Drive, you must open the file, save it locally, and then proceed with your edits.

How do I let someone else edit my file? 
In order for someone else to edit your file, they must have write permission on that file. There are several ways in which someone else can be granted write permission on your file. The appropriate method to use for granting such permission depends on what type of user that other person is.
•    If the person you wish to edit your file is another myBox user, you may grant specific write permission to that person through the file's Sharing permissions. For step-by-step instructions, see Sharing Files.
•    If the person you wish to edit your file is not a myBox  user, you may issue that person a write-permission ticket for the specific file. For step-by-step instructions, see Tickets.

I am able to navigate around my account, but I get an error when I try to download a file. Why can't I read my files anymore? 
If you cannot read one of your own files, you, or another user, may have exceeded the bandwidth quota for your folder. Your bandwidth quota applies to upload to and downloads from your account for ALL users accessing files under your home folder. You will not be able to upload or download files until your bandwidth quota is no longer at its limit. Once the time over which your bandwidth quota applies has lapsed, you will be able to access your files again.

I can't find a file but I know I've uploaded it to my account before, how can I find it? 
You can find a file using either the Quick Search or the Search/Advanced Search. Quick Search offers you the possibility of searching for a file based on its name and/or contents only for the current folder. The Search and Advanced Search options offer you the possibility of searching for a file based on its name, contents and any of its properties across all folders. For more information, see Quick Search and Advanced Search.

How do I link to someone else's folder? 
If someone else grants you read access to their folder, you may create a direct link to that folder using your Bookmarks. A Bookmark is defined as a shortcut to your folder or another user's folder for which you have permission to access.

Is there a way for me to find out every time someone edits a certain file? 
If your administrator has turned this feature on, you can be notified when a file has been edited by using Subscriptions. Subscriptions give users the ability to request to be notified via email when files or folders, to which that user has read access, are viewed or changed.

What is the difference between Permissions and Inherit Permissions? 
Regular permissions apply specifically to the folder itself. Regular permissions define who has what access to the folder and optionally, the current contents of the folder. Inheritable permissions are the permissions that you grant to a contact on all additional folders created within that folder and all files uploaded in the future to that folder. Generally, you can think of Inheritable Permissions as a set of permission rules for future folders and files.

How can I change permissions across multiple folders and files? 
Overwrite Permissions takes the permission set of a folder and makes that the permission set for all files and sub-folders within the respective folder. If you do not choose Overwrite Permissions and instead change a single permission on a folder, only that specific change will be applied across all sub-folders and files, given that you choose the "Apply the changed permissions to this folder as well as its sub-folders and files." option of course.
For example, if you look at a folder and it has Public with no checked permissions and Users with Accounts have Read permissions and you simply take away Read access by uncheck that permission on the Permissions page for User with Accounts, you may not be accomplishing what you want. There may be a file within that folder that has Read for Public. You may think because the folder has no access permissions defined for Public, the files must also. But you can only ensure that all files within that folder have both no Public and no Users with Accounts permission by first taking away the Read permissions for Users with Account permission on the particular folder and then choosing Overwrite Permissions so that the entire permission set is applied to sub-folders and files.



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