Director's Welcome


The year ahead will continue to challenge UUMIT staff in improving the delivery of quality IT services to the UUM community. In this highly challenging environment, everyone must be well prepared to face the tasks ahead of us with a healthy mind and body. One important factor that we need to continue to improve is our efficiency, that is, to accomplish our duty faster and better than before without the need for additional resources. I believe this can be achieved if we work as one team so that we can multiply our efforts and outputs. At the same time, we need to equip ourselves with new skills, knowledge and know-how in order to deliver the best possible solutions.

To meet the university aspirations to become a fully connected campus, we must exert ourselves to complete the digitalization and integration of the many systems that we have developed in the past few years. I urge all UUMIT staff to work together as a high-performance team, with full dedication and respect for each other. As a team, we will strive to achieve our vision and mission to make UUM amongst the best connected campus.

“Let’s Make IT Better”

Prof. Dr. Abdul Malek B Hj Abdul Karim
Director of UUMIT