UUMIT ONLINE: Thursday, April 7, 2016. 5S Committee has launched the UUMIT Botanical Garden project to create an attractive environment and scenery.


The Botanical Garden project led by Mrs. Hasliza Jab is in line with the university tagline, namely the University in a Green Forest and a sign of UUMIT support by creating the landscaped areas with nature concept.


The UUMIT Botanical Garden is located next to the main building of UUMIT that is near the path to Hijau Kuning Cafeteria. The Botanical Garden focused on herbal plant trees and decorative plants. In addition, the project is to create the staff awareness about the role of herbaceous plants and conservation methods. Additionally, the project is a recreational activity to eliminate the work stress and foster teamwork among staff.


En. Kamarudin Abdullah as Director of UUMIT also expressed his support by joining the activity. According to Mrs. Hidayati Mohamad Yazid as Chairman of 5S (UUMIT), "Various benefits that we are targeting from the Botanical Garden project. In addition to beautify the landscape, the project also provides value-added to innovation 5s." The implementation of the project involves minimal costs where the seedlings are contributions from staff.




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