UUMIT 5S Benchmark visit to SPPP

The visit was led by Puan Nor ‘Azzah binti Yusoff as Chairman of UUMIT Quality Committee together with 37 other staffs from various unit. 
The main objective was to observe how SPPP implemented 5S practices within their working environment. SPPP had won the 5S award six times consecutively, which was why they were selected for the benchmark visit.

Among the places visited were the staff work station, filing space (all files were arranged and kept nicely in an open area), storage room, meeting room, surau, staff recreation area and pantry.

In conclusion the visit was a success. SPPP has shown how they cultivated 5S practices among their staffs and their working environment. Hopefully UUMIT can follow in their footsteps towards an efficient and effective implementation of 5S in the near future.

5S Penang